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22-Jul-2017 22:27

Open-ended questions are good; “why” questions are bad.

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The average adolescent sends almost two thousand text messages a month. For teens, texting isn’t a novel form of communication; it’s the default.

They contact their friends more by text than by phone or e-mail or instant-message or even face-to-face conversations. People who spent their high-school years chatting with friends on landlines are often dismissive of texting, as if it might be a phase one outgrows, but the form is unparalleled in its ability to relay information concisely.

The act of writing, even if the product consists of only a hundred and forty characters composed with one’s thumbs, forces a kind of real-time distillation of emotional chaos.

Here you can also list your phones to be used for recovering the password easily, receiving calls via Mail. Within 5 minutes you will receive a text message containing the confirmation code you have to enter in the corresponding field.

You can add the following: Select the country from the drop-down menu and enter your mobile phone in the field below, then click Add.If you’ve requested to delete a phone number you’ve already verified, you will see the exact date and time it will be deleted permanently.