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24-Aug-2017 16:28

They probably need more research on the “celibacy syndrome”.

Japan’s under-40s has rapidly lost interest in conventional relationships and any form of intimacy.

One begins to see themselves as a failure, and due to the lack of any knowledge what we are exposed to today, their lives are being destroyed.

Aoyama, a japanese therapist, says her first task with most of her clients is encouraging them “to stop apologizing for their own physical existence”.

Let alone that the depopulation agenda’s and/or the gender war are included in the diagnose.

That is because they themselves are in a deep brainwashed state.

The social engineers use the Japanese model as a blueprint for the rest of the world and we can see the exact same tendencies evolving in the West.

Depopulation and gender war is in Japan blatantly in your face: A January 2012 estimate by The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research showed that in 2060, Japan’s population will number about 80 million, about 35 percent less from the 2010 level.

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It is battling a lost battle against the effects of the relentless ongoing attacks of the social/geo engineers.Besides depopulation advantages for the social engineers, the result of these assaults is that humanity is further weakened.Most people, while being in their fragmented self obsessed reality, take this disorder on themselves and see themselves as the problem (which they are in a certain way).Like in the West, this is partly the result of the destroyed sex drive in both genders due to the extremely low testosterone levels.

GMO food, EMF exposure and other chemical exposures are the main cause of this alarming decline.“Some want a partner, some prefer being single, but few relate to normal love and marriage.” However, the engineered pressure to conform to Japan’s anachronistic family model of salaryman husband and stay-at-home wife remains. They’re coming to me because they think that, there’s something wrong with them.” Due to any lack of knowledge of social engineering, official alarmism doesn’t help at all.

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